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Our role in the industry
As one of the largest fused minerals producer in China, Huang He Minerals defines its role as a leading Industrial minerals, refractory and abrasive raw materials manufacturer, independent and customers oriented value-creating processing service provider.
To face the new challenges of the world, Huang He Minerals continually invest on bauxite mining and calcinations, pollution control facilities, procuring local power plant, update and renovate its processing and manufacturing hardware, strengthen its R&D team and quality control regulations, Huang He Minerals dedicates to continually optimizing our management stricture products range, refining its processing and manufacturing procedure to reduce manufacturing cost, and providing consistency and quality assured products with competitive price to create more effective value for our customers in the world refractory industry, abrasive industry, metallurgical industry, foundry industry, construction Industry etc.
We are dedicated to building up a closer and intimate communication atmosphere with our customers, share our experience, knowledge and providing more proposals based on predictable market trends. We are dedicated to continually earning your loyalty and we pledge our loyalty to you first.
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