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tianjin binhai

Our Tianjin Minerals Processing Plant is set up strategi Il close to Xingang port (5 kilometers away). North China largest high efficient Port. This plant is set up to full -fi ll our customers expanding requirement of value creating processing service based o n our knowledge of Western standards and q uali ty control m anag em ent, The service include Grad in g, Drying, Crushing , Grinding , Ba ll -mil lin g, 5ieving, De-magnetic, Packing, Blending . 150, A5TM , J15, DIN ,FEPA can be applied during our processing and quality contro l. Processed minerals include Calcined Bau xite, sintered Mullite, Flint Clay or Calcined Kaolin Chamotte, Recycled Brick 5carps, 5intered 5pin el, Li ght Weight Mu llite, Perlite and Vermiculite and Fluorspar. ….. Allth e minerals bulk stocks pi les are close to our p lant, to assure our processing in time and efficient.
AII the mine ra ls or raw materi als processed in our plan t are from app roved min es or verified producing plants, w hich can assure a uniformity and consistency on qua lity and competitive on price. We mainl y sig n long term su pplying contract wi th our supplying so urces. The Processing capacity is 70,OOOtpa.
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